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  • The proaxia consulting group is an international corporate consultancy with all the advantages of an SME, headquartered in Spreitenbach near Zurich (Switzerland) and with branches in Europe and Asia. The name of the group is derived from the English word ‘professional’ and the Greek ‘axia’, meaning ‘value’, which is in our view the essence of good consultancy: To create lasting value for the client through the targeted application of professional competence. We regard trust, partnership, determination and teamwork as fundamental to our joint success.
  • Among the characteristics that define the group are our outstanding industrial and commercial experience in Discrete Manufacturing and Automotive - Wholesale and Retail, cutting-edge specialist expertise in Customer Service Processes, Supply Chain Management, IT Management Consulting, Software Development/Maintenance and mobile solutions in general as well as our ability to implement international projects with practical efficiency.
  • The proaxia consulting group bridges the gap between the German-speaking countries of the DACH region and the CEE/CIS countries and Asia. Our regional branches form the backbone of a network that we are keen to strengthen and develop. Both the management and our consultants have proven themselves time after time, contributing their knowledge of sector-specific business architectures, processes and solutions to a host of international projects. One of their particular abilities lies in customizing standard software programs such as SAP ERP solutions to meet customer needs and safeguard our clients’ key competences.
  • The services we offer include consulting on business and IT architectures, processes and organization, as well as the introduction of standard SAP software with the added advantage of customer-specific software development and the integration of Cloud and Mobile Business Solutions.
  • As a matter of course we are committed to offering our staff both ongoing training and attractive salary and stakeholder options. But more than that, they are individuals, not just numbers. We are well aware that achievement is also founded on emotion and that the pleasure our staff take in their work is as important as the professionalism of our own internal processes. We know, too, that we owe their partners and families a debt that goes beyond the realms of salary. What after all is more valuable than time?
    The proaxia consulting group has set itself a number of ambitious goals. We aim to be the leading specialists in the key segments of our local markets. We expect above-average growth, always with an awareness that we must create lasting value for our clients.
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Forward looking Study „ERP for the CIO“

The vision of an integrated IT-Management-System (ERP) for the CIO is comparable with the former evolution in the area of business applications towards an integrated ERP.

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proaxia consulting group has the expertise and the personalities to show companies today a range of possibilities that are more than mere cost reduction programs. It is of particular importance at the present time to carefully ...

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